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Here Are The Facts

Want to get started in kicking Planned Parenthood out of your school? Students for Life of America and Students for Life of Action have a great guide to help you get started. You can view it here. Remember, if you have specific questions you can e-mail Katie Lodjic at


Several states, including Washington and Colorado, are considering legislation that would allow groups that promote bondage, sadism, pornography, and other degrading practices to take over sexual education at the state level. Under the guise of “medically-accurate” and “age-appropriate,” these groups want to take sex ed out of the hands of parents and local school boards, where these decisions can best be made, and mandate a one-size-fits-all “solution.”


These unqualified sex educators, including groups like Planned Parenthood, are teaching children the following:


  • Planned Parenthood of the Hudson created trainings to teach kids about BDSM (Bondage/Discipline Domination/Submission Sadism/Masochism). This training is recognized as an approved educational curriculum. This means that kids, including kids as young as 3 years old, could be using Fifty Shades of Grey as a textbook (in fact, some sex ed classes literally use Fifty Shades as part of the curriculum).

  • The Get Real Program assumes that teens will become sexually active. “While abstinence from sex is the most effective way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy, adolescents require a comprehensive understanding of sexual health, sexuality and protection methods, which they will need when they become sexually active.”

  • Planned Parenthood used to run a Teen Wire website that listed information telling teens that "kids have a right to pleasurable sex" and that "sexual experimentation for kids is normal."

  • Planned Parenthood sex educators have taught kids about things like chains, choking, gagging, and BDSM.

  • They also teach kids that if they are HIV positive, they don’t have to inform their partners.

  • Part of the program involves recruiting kids to teach other kids about sex. So basically, Planned Parenthood gets kids to teach other kids about sex. 

Advocates for Youth


"Advocates for Youth" is Planned Parenthood's sex ed persona. By infiltrating schools under a different name, they reduce the risk of parents finding out that Planned Parenthood is teaching their children to be promiscuous and get abortions when that plan goes awry. One of the grounding pillars of their sexual education is teaching children to be sneaky and keep their parents in the dark. 


A few facts about "Advocates for Youth:"


  • Their curriculum for middle schoolers talks about using tubal litigation ("tying tubes") as birth control, but it downplays the risks of tubal litigation. 


  • They encourage 6th graders to get birth control without their parents knowing. The course script states, “Remind students that any person of any age in California may access birth control, including condoms, without parent or guardian consent or notification if they wish. Let them know that they have the right to be released from school confidentially to attend an appointment for birth control or STI/HIV testing or treatment. Students should talk with a school nurse, school counselor, or other designated staff member to be released from school for this type of appointment.”


  • The curriculum claims that it is false that “abstinence never fails, because sometimes people use alcohol or drugs and so they don’t remain abstinent."


  • The curriculum also teaches 6th graders that they can get Plan B at the pharmacy without their parents knowing.


  • In a lesson plan about what to do when pregnant, the curriculum recommends resources on how fathers can avoid taking responsibility for their child through abortion, and also recommends Planned Parenthood as a good resource for teens who are pregnant.


  • A sample lesson plan has high schoolers, or younger, pair up with other students to practice asking each other to have sex with them, and describes different ways to talk about different types of sex.


  • To appeal to young kids, the lesson plan uses a cartoon video to show how to talk about sex.




SEICUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) and Planned Parenthood have often collaborated on sex ed curricula, with disturbing results. In King County, Washington, eleven-year-olds were taught how to perform anal and oral sex as part of ‘state-approved’ sex education under the name FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health).


The National Catholic Register reports the following about how parents and kids were harmed by the curriculum:


  • Parents in Onalaska, WA, for instance, expressed outrage June 12 during a Fox News broadcast. They said their children were quiet, withdrawn and embarrassed to talk about what had happened in school the day before. When Curtis and Jean Pannkuk began questioning their 11-year-old daughter, they discovered that the principal had given the fifth-graders instruction on oral and anal sex. “Our daughter didn’t want to go back to school. She cried all the way to school today,” said Curtis Pannkuk.


  • James Gilliland was enraged that his daughter’s innocence was stripped from her. His wife, Kadra, said, “I was shocked because I trusted my little country school. I trusted my school — that’s the bottom line, and they crossed the line.”




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